sexta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2014

Mensagem enviada ao instituto SETI, instituição norte americana, científica, que busca seres extraterrestres. Os americanos acreditam, por isto, estão no topo do desenvolvimento científico.

We are looking for extraterrestrial beings that react like us, using our scientific logic. This strategy is based on searching beings on the same level of development, or at least, on a range that we know as living beings (from bacterias to what we think we are going to be some centures in the future). This is a very narrow window. Supposing that inteligent beings exist in the outer space, obviously they don´t want to be in touch, at least in the way we would like it would be, as answering our signals. I myself have experiences from their existences, like many other people, just focusing our thoughts on they. In this way, why not studing people that says they have had extraterrestrial contacts? Using brain scanners, like tomography, for example?

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